Wish List

Title Body Price Purchase Link Hype
Velcro Patches

A 1TB or 2TB SSD Hard drive would be a nice addition for my gaming deskop. While more is better for performance, I think 2TB will be more than enough.

HTC Vive / Valve Index VR Headset

A gaming headset is the holy grail of any gaming setup. The final upgrade before you finish the game.

Im adding the VR headset to my wish list as I obviously want one. However, there is a long road of upgrades ill be required to make prior, in order to support the headset.

Android Tablet

Be careful when picking android tablets though. Apparently there are a lot on the market that are basically paper weights.

Bath Robe Unknown
Arduino Sensors $42.00
Philips Hue Stuff

Got a hub and plenty of bulbs. So switches, lamps, etc would be nice too

Sun Glasses Unknown
Action Cam

An action cam is again - one of those things that I do want, but not super useful anymore due to the change in lifestyle from the pandemic. I wouldn't mind one for when things change, but not super necessary now.

rOtring 600 Mechanical Pencil

After I had finished uni, I bought myself one of these pencils as a "congratz for completing school" gift. Unfortunately, I ended up losing it on a trip a little while ago. I've added it to my wish list as I wouldn't mind one eventually - however, not super practical anymore as I barely do any hand-written work.

Bose QC 35 $270.00
FPV Racing Drone Kit
Canon Camera Body to Nikon Lens adapter

Ive got a Canon Rebel SL2 body, and basically everyone I know has a Nikon. Hence the adapter.

Canon Macro Lens

For a Canon Rebel SL2 body

Electric Shaver / Razor Unknown