While looking for alternatives to Elite Dangerous, one of the first recommendations is Star Citizen. Back when I first heard about the game years ago, I heard very good things about it. It was very expansive, very detailed, and lots to do. So I decided to take a look at the game and see how it held up all these years.

Several years ago, I had my very first experience with VR by playing Elite Dangerous at work. I immediately fell in love with VR and Elite Dangerous, so I made it my mission to get a VR system. Fast forward to now, and I have a gaming rig powerful enough to run PC VR games plus Elite Dangerous.

Recently a friend of mine let me borrow their Oculus Quest - Facebook's portable, standalone, VR headset. The intention was to let me try VR for a while, and allow me to decide whether or not I want to get a headset of my own. Over the course of a few years, I've kept an eye out for VR news. But now that I've upgraded my desktop to be VR compatible, I think its now time to do some serious research into the headsets.

21 March 2021

I figured I would give a quick update around the connectivity issues I was having earlier. In my last post I ended up rage quitting because the entire setup process took ~45 min, and within a few minutes of playing the headset disconnected and wouldn't reconnect (without restarting my computer). Windows wanting to update, the Oculus app thinking that a game was still running when it wasn't, etc...


A little while ago I was talking to a friend of mine about VR headsets. I've been wanting to get one for a while, and he had one so I was asking him how he liked the headset in 2021. Up until this point, I had used VR for the first time at one of my previous companies - as they had a headset for VR development. Plus I had a chance to play a few games at a VR Arcade for my birthday one year.

Workspaces has existed in linux for a very long time. I'm guessing late 1980's based on this article (They say X Window System implemented virtual desktops in 1989, and the first to use the X Window System was linux).


Its Official

Its official - Joe Biden wins the 2020 US Presidential Election

I was just about to start writing a blog post about games that would be good to play with friends remotely, when I realized that the pandemic would be an excellent thing to write about. Yes - a freaking pandemic (for anyone reading this when this is all over in the future).