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Managed Workspaces

Workspaces has existed in linux for a very long time. I’m guessing late 1980’s based on this article (They say X Window System implemented virtual desktops in 1989, and the first to use the X Window System was linux). A problem arises with unlimited workspaces though – that they can become disorganized fairly quickly. Your first workspace…

Attendance Tracker – Activity Attendances

Between the Activity, Attendance, and Attendee; there are a few pivots to help keep track of the data that is found within the relation between the main models. attendance_attendee The attendance_attendee pivot stores if the attendee was present or not for that attendance. activity_attendee The activity_attendee stores the status we normally associate with attendances –…

Attendance Tracker – Taking Attendance

The Attendance Tracker I’ve been working on is currently primarily focused on the relation between an Attendee, Activity, and Attendance records. The main input of the program, the data that fuels everything, is the attendance tracking. This is how I take attendance and store it. Attendance Process During an activity, attendance will usually be taken…