Site Swap Plan

Right now I have my old Drupal blog on, and this WordPress blog on My goal is to make this WordPress blog my main blog, and nuke the old drupal one. But before I nuke the old drupal blog, I want to migrate all of my old posts to here. After I’ve nuked…

Blog Migration

For the record, I’ll be migrating my old blog posts to my new site once per week. Eventually I will catch back up and new content will be mixed in with the old stuff. That way I don’t bombard anyone’s inbox / phone with notifications saying a new post has come out.

WordPress +2

2 advantages WordPress has over Drupal: WordPress mobile apps allowing for easier site management Because all the content is standardized, switching and trying out different themes is a lot easier.

Here we go again

Earlier this morning I decided to touch up my blog site and ended up deleting the front page. For some reason, Drupal thought it was a good idea to tie the front page to the short post content type ?‍♂️. Before I really dived into trying to fix the front page, I considered not fixing…

Wedding ceremony in front of a castle

We got married

Alice and I got married! We decided to do a private elopement ceremony on the cliffs of Scotland, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment. We were originally planning on making an official wedding announcement once we got back from our honeymoon, but one thing led to another and we ended up…