Albert Launcher & Vivaldi Bookmarks

One of the features the Albert Launcher provides is the ability for it to search through bookmarks. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t have native support for Vivaldi just quite yet. Thankfully, Vivaldi is based off of Chrome which is supported by Chrome so there’s a bit of a hacky workaround.

WARNING: for those that do use chrome, this may break your bookmarks. I would recommend not following these steps if you use Chrome on a regular basis.

Basically what we’ll be doing is creating a symbolic link from the Vivaldi bookmarks into where Chrome has its bookmarks, and turning on the Chrome bookmark feature in Albert.


Locate the bookmark path for Vivaldi and Chrome. For me on Manjaro (I use Arch btw), here were my locations:

  • Vivaldi: /home/$USER/.config/vivaldi/Default/Bookmarks
  • Chrome: /home/$USER/.config/google-chrome/Default/Bookmarks

After finding the paths, I backed up the Chrome bookmarks and created a symbolic link from the Vivaldi bookmarks file, to the Chrome bookmarks file.

cd /home/$USER/.config/google-chrome/Default;
mv Bookmarks Bookmarks.bak;
ln -s /home/$USER/.config/vivaldi/Default/Bookmarks Bookmarks;

After creating the symbolic link, go into the Albert settings and turn on the Chromium plugin, and you should see that your bookmarks have been imported.

Albert imported 126 bookmarks, but I don’t even use Chrome. Imported from Vivaldi.