Site Swap Plan

Right now I have my old Drupal blog on, and this WordPress blog on My goal is to make this WordPress blog my main blog, and nuke the old drupal one. But before I nuke the old drupal blog, I want to migrate all of my old posts to here.

After I’ve nuked the old site I’ll probably reserve the root domain – – to be a static landing page for various subdomains serving different products. A few ideas I have at the moment:

  • blog: Blog Posts (ie. this site).
  • resume: Resume done up in Vue.js or some alternative.
  • projects: Mini projects I’ll put together.

I could also have a separate site for my hobbies as well – photography, gaming, and drones. But each of those subdomains would be another wordpress site in which I would need to spend additional time maintaining. Instead, I could just keep that content in categories in my blog would would suffice.