Here we go again

Earlier this morning I decided to touch up my blog site and ended up deleting the front page. For some reason, Drupal thought it was a good idea to tie the front page to the short post content type ?‍♂️. Before I really dived into trying to fix the front page, I considered not fixing it.

While Drupal is super powerful through all of its customizability, its also a lot of work to setup and maintain. The state the site was in took several days of tinkering in my spare time; and lets be real – there were still some major design flaws in the layout. So instead of keeping the Drupal site, I’ve decided to try WordPress again.

I used to have a wordpress installation years ago (2017?) and found nothing wrong with it; but I made the switch to Drupal. I wanted more features, more customizability, and a (what appeared to be back then) a larger community.

Now in my “old” age, I’ve realized that I dont really want that much control. Yes, I am more than capable of diving into the Drupal code and fixing everything up. But thats a lot of unnecessary headache. There are alternatives that are simpler and do the same job (ie. WordPress). I could also build an entire site from scratch using whatever technology I want. But the investment time to develop and maintain the project would be more than the Drupal project. Im no longer looking for the control to fix issues, but rather have a free drop-in that will handle everything for me. I just want a way to share my content.