Wedding Trip – Day 1.1 – Arrival in Edinburgh

In my previous post, Alice and I had just landed and dropped off our stuff. We were ready to hit the town and start exploring!

Grabbing Breakfast

One of the first things we did in Scotland was grab some breakfast. We were recommended a shop down the street from us. The walk would give us an opportunity to explore a small section of the area we were in, and allow us to get our bearings.

My trips are normally planned out to the minute; but for travelling / vacationing, I wanted to take a much more “lais affair” approach – Have a few ideas of what we want to do, and do what we feel like doing at that time.

My first (half-decent) photo in Scotland. We were walking down the main road to a shop our AirBnB host recommended for breakfast.

Fringe Festival Discovery

As we were walking to the shop, we came across a hilarious poster of Boris Johnson – UK’s Prime Minister at the time (He stepped down around the time we were in Scotland due to some scandals). It was a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Great Gatsby “Cheers” scene, but with Boris Johnson’s face photoshopped ontop of Leo’s.

I wanted to take a closer look, and turns out it was a poster for the Fringe Festival. We unexpectedly arrived at the tail end of the festival! As the fesitval was going on, we decided to add it to our itinerary.


Once we got to the shop, we sat down and ordered a few things. Unfortunately it wasn’t great, but I think that was partially due to us not realizing it was a vegan restaurant. It explained why my “Chicken Wrap” was mostly lettuce, and not really anything else.

Milk – Our first meal in Scotland / not in Canada

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading a blog post periodically about our wedding trip (I’ll aim for every weekend). You can find more here, or the latest posts below!

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