Canon to Fuji – Why I made the switch

A few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my camera setup. I decided to ditch my Canon EOS Rebel SL2 for a Fujifilm X-T3, and here’s why.


The main reason why I started looking for new camera’s in the first place was because of size. The SL2 is a DSLR; and are subsequently thick. It needs space for all of the internals, plus the mirror and all of its components to work.

I wanted a camera that was a bit more compact that still accepted SLR lenses. I decided to look through Mirrorless cameras which were more compact than DSLRs, but sacrificed battery life. Mirrorless cameras need to be always on to work; while DSLRs only need to power their sensors when actually taking the photo.

Slow Motion Video

Another feature I wanted in my new camera was the ability to take slow-motion video. I really enjoy taking high-speed photos of water stuff and I wanted to carry that ability to video.