USB-C Life

An issue I’ve had over the past few months is trying to find the right cable for the right device. USB-C for my phone, Micro for my PS4 controllers, and lightning for my iPad. When I spent 10 minutes digging through an old box of cables for a Micro-USB cable, I finally decided I was fed up with the search and decided to unify the cables for all small electronics. They would all become USB-C.


Firstly – Why USB-C, and not Micro USB? Simply because USB-C has a higher bandwidth rating and power deliverability compared to Micro USB. USB-C is capable of charging laptops.

USB-C Specs

Max Transfer Speed20 Gbit/sec
USB-C Specs

USB Micro-B

Max Transfer RateTBD
USB Micro-B Specs


  1. Buy a bunch of good quality USB C 3.0 Cables
  2. Put all of your old USB cables into a bin in the back of your storage closet
  3. Buy a bunch of USB-C (female) adapters for your other devices – Lightning, Micro-B, etc…
  4. Place all of the adapters in a small bowl in your desk drawer meant for spare change and crumbs

Now whenever I need a USB cable for a small device, I no longer have to hunt for the single lightning cable that came with the iPad to charge it. Instead I can grab any USB cable which is now USB-C, and pick up a small adapter.