Moon Knight – S01E04 – Summary and Predictions

I just finished watching S01 E04 of Moon Knight on Disney+ and I was pretty blown away by the ending to the point where I figured I would write about it and make a prediction.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Summary So Far

The series starts with us following the protagonist, Steven around. We discover that he has a strange sleeping habit which we discover it to be because he has Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Note: I don’t know a lot about DID, but I’m slowly learning more about it as the series is using it as a plot device

Further in the series, we discover that one of his other personalities is named Marc Spector who is/was married to Layla (filed for divorce, but they never really signed the papers), and is an Avatar for an Egyptian God – Khonshu.

At the end of Episode 4, Marc finds the tomb of Alexander the Great which has the ushabti for Ammit. Marc is confronted and shot by Arthur – the antagonist. Marc falls back, and the scene transitions into what appears to be a psychiatric hospital. (I loved that transition btw – a complete wtf moment for a solid 5 minutes).

In the psychiatric hospital, Marc meets Arthur and realises he was shot so he runs and tries to escape. He passes by a bunch of rooms and finds Steven in physical form as well.

Psychiatric Hospital Scene Explanation

When Marc gets shot, I believe whats going on is that the psychiatric hospital he appears in is really Marc’s inner mind. From what I understand, people with DID compartmentalise their different identities similar to various rooms in a building. I believe the directors are using the psychiatric hospital scene to signify Marc’s inner mind which would explain all the references to the people and things in the real world, and how Marc and Steven can interact directly with each other.

Prediction – There’s a 3rd Identity

In one of the episodes, Marc is fighting a bunch of thugs on a roof top in Egypt – trying to find information on where Ammit is buried. Marc and Steven trade back and forth a few times. The director follows Marc’s perspective and show’s how jarring and confusing it is to be put under while another host takes over.

At one point, Marc loses control and when he returns, the thugs are really hurt. However, both Marc and Steven admit that they didn’t do it.

I initially thought that it was Khonshu that took over. However, Khonshu only took over when they were teleported into the pyramid for the trial against Arthur. I didn’t exactly catch it, but I believe they mentioned that inside the pyramid was the only time the gods could take over their avatar’s body. Plus there are several times where Khonshu tells his avatar to do something, but never takes control. Thus, I don’t believe it was Khonshu that took control during the thug scene; meaning there’s a 3rd identity.

I believe that the 3rd identity is named Scotty. At the very beginning of the series, the security guard from the museum constantly calls Steven “Scotty”.

I believe Scotty was the one that managed to setup the date with the girl at the very beginning given that Steven doesn’t remember doing it, and Marc is married to Layla. Again – neither Marc or Steven would have setup the date, so there must have been a 3rd identity.

Finally, the last clue that there’s a third personality is from the psychiatric hospital. When Marc finds Steven, he passed by a bunch of rooms filled with stuff, and finds Steven in a shaking sarcophagus. In that same scene, before Marc opens the sarcophagus for Steven, Marc passed by another shaking sarcophagus that he never opened. There were only 2 sarcophagus in the scene and one had Steven. What could the other one be? Scotty.