Pavlov Review

Pavlov is one of those games that most individuals should play because it has become a classic; similar to Half-Life, Civilization, or League of Legends. Because everyone has their own taste, I’m not saying everyone should have a copy, but at least try it.

Pavlov is a PvP FPS with no campaign. You simply hop into a server with other people, and work with or against them, depending on the game mode. Pavlov is the VR equivalent of Counter-Strike. If you like Counter Strike, you’ll love Pavlov.

Game Modes

There are a few standard game modes that you’ll find in other FPS titles:

  • Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch
  • Push (aka Demolition)
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town

And a bunch of custom game modes. You can find the standard list of game modes here.

Game Play

As I mentioned earlier – Pavlov is essentially like Counter Strike but in VR. There are some things in the game that may feel unpolished, but I would say nothing that is game breaking.

You do have the ability to customize your weapons by adding scopes, grips, lights, and silencers. However, nothing really changes the performance of the gun. Adding a grip / silencer won’t reduce the recoil, silencers will reduce the volume of the shot, and scopes / sights do work as intended.


I really enjoy Pavlov’s reloading mechanism, and I’d say its my favorite out of all the FPS titles. I fully acknowledge that I may have a bias towards Pavlov’s reloading mechanism because its the VR FPS I have the most time in; but I’d also argue it has a great balance between realism and assistance considering there isn’t much else but the gun play.

If you would like to read more about reloading in VR and what makes it awkward, you can read my thoughts here:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I can recommend Pavlov. The game isn’t totally polished, but its a great game to jump into.