Ship Log 001

A few days ago I decided to pick up X4 Foundations. I had initially tried out Elite Dangerous years ago, but i found the grind to be way too much. I have 60 hours in the game, and only managed to pickup 1 other ship. I also found that everything was very manual – I couldnt hire anyone to do stuff for me (or at least I never got to the point I could). From what I heard, X4 scratches that Space Captain RPG, but instead of it being a slow burn and trying to be quality > quantity, x4 tries to be everything. But while it tries to be everything, there are plenty of bugs.

Ive got time on my hands so I figyred I would detail my chronicles through the game by keeping a ships log.


Before I got into the game, I watched a few tutorials to guide me in the right direction. If this was supposed to be an Elite Dangerous-like game, I knew I was going to run into main quest / storyline issues. But one of the things people mentioned was to do the tutorial.

I went through the basic tutorial for a bit, but quickly got bored and decided to learn on the fly. Yes, its an expansive game, but I lost interest in the tutorial probably because of the overwhelming amount of info to take in. I wanted to have fun, not study a manual.

First Ship

I hopped into my actual game, was given my first ship, and I was ready to go. From watching tutorial videos, people recommended first using your long-range and short range scanners to pick up missions. Long range to see whats in the sector, and short range to get schematics for station parts, and radio sources for missions.

I picked one up, and it wanted me to navigate to a location a few hundred km away. It didnt start out the same as the first mission in the tutorial I watched, but I chalked it up to being an update over the year since the video game out.

I plotted a course for the mission, flipped on auto pilot, and waited. I was eventually greeted by a literal mine field. The mission must have been to retrieve something – why else would I be sent to this area? As I was processing what was going on, the autopilot guided me right into the centre of everytbing and parked the ship. I couldnt turn off the autopilot in time, so I found myself in the middle of the field.

I figured the AI would have led me in a straight line into the field by the looks of it, so I tried reversing directly out. Big mistake.

I hit a mine, and everything blew up. Game over.

I was reset back to the beginning of the game, as I hadnt even had a chance to hit save / let the autosave run.