Pavlov Review

Pavlov is one of those games that most individuals should play because it has become a classic; similar to Half-Life, Civilization, or League of Legends. Because everyone has their own taste, I’m not saying everyone should have a copy, but at least try it.

Pavlov is a PvP FPS with no campaign. You simply hop into a server with other people, and work with or against them, depending on the game mode. Pavlov is the VR equivalent of Counter-Strike. If you like Counter Strike, you’ll love Pavlov.

Ship Log 001

A few days ago I decided to pick up X4 Foundations. I had initially tried out Elite Dangerous years ago, but i found the grind to be way too much. I have 60 hours in the game, and only managed to pickup 1 other ship. I also found that everything was very manual – I…