Wish List Page – Concept

One page I had on my old site was a wishlist. In Drupal, I was able to create a new content type, which was then used as the source data for the wishlist view. In Drupal it was easy and straight forward, especially when handling additional parameters such as cost, where to buy links, want vs need, and hype (a measurement for how much I actually wanted a product).

In WordPress, its not that straight forward. While yes, I could make a page and manually write everything out, I dont want to have to worry about formatting. If I add a new item, I would have to make sure each entry was formatted the same by hand. If I wanted to change the layout, I would have to edit each entry individually. I could utilize the current blog post format, but again – I would have to worry about manual formatting.

Im hoping theres a plugin which will allow me to define custom fields for posts. Plus another plugin to allow me to list posts on a page, but formatted as cards. I know I can list posts, but its just a text list.

More research to come.