Outer Wilds – No Spoiler Review

One really important thing about Outer Wilds is not to look up any spoilers. Seriously, don’t. Even if you don’t care about spoilers, learning too much about the game will result in it not being worth playing in the first place. The main point of the game is exploration.

With the important disclaimer out of the way, now its time to actually talk about the game (but no spoilers).

As I said earlier – the main point of the game is exploration. As you play through it, even in the beginning, its important to take in all the little details around you. Talk to everyone you come across and read every note. Don’t worry about having to take notes on everything, there is a tool on your ship that keeps track of important information for you that you can review later. There is minimal action so you don’t need to worry about looking for stuff like ammo and armor.

The cool thing about the game is that it starts you off in a tutorial environment where you learn the mechanics of the game. But after the tutorial area, you then have access to everything – you just don’t even know it. That’s why speed runs are ~10 min, but the gameplay is 5 – 30 hours. After the tutorial area, you can technically go straight to the end game area.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game, 10/10. If you’re into actiony / first-person shooters, and just want to kill things; this isn’t a game for you. But if you’re into story-based adventures, this is a game for you. It definitely earned the Bafta it won.