To build, or not to build, that is the question

While out shopping at Canadian Tire the other day, I walked past the dresser aisle and remembered that I wanted to replace my current clothing storage setup with proper storage. I thought about building my own dresser a while ago, and maybe this is the spark that ignites flame to tackle that project.

I can envision the overall project not being super complicated. You build a bunch of drawers to size, create a shell, add the rails, and you’re done. But then I watched a video on some guy actually making a dresser:

I Like To Make Stuff – How to Make a Modern Dresser

In the video near the end, Bob (the guy who made the video) says that there were a lot of issues that weren’t mentioned. A major issue is the tolerances. To ensure the drawer rails function properly, each pair of rails need to be aligned to near perfection. While its possible to measure and mount the rails by the same measurements, the wood itself could be bowed resulting in the rails not sliding properly, no matter how much measuring you do.

My plan was to use the small selection of hand tools that I have. But after watching the video, I’ve realised that one of the most critical tools in the project is the planar.

Wood Planer –

Seeing as though I don’t have a planer, I think I’ll have to stick with buying a finished product instead.