Arch Window Manager

A few years ago when I switched to Manjaro, I went on the hunt for a new Window Manager. I stumbled upon AwesomeWM and after a bit of fiddling around, I made it my default window manager.

AwesomeWM Sample Desktop Screen –

Unfortunately, Manjaro decided to quit on me after using it for ~2 years and I had to reinstall the OS. I initially thought it was a bad hard drive, but now I’m thinking it was a bad shutdown. After the hard reset everything is back to normal.

While I was able to recover all of my data, I think there are still some programs / configurations I’m missing. I tried restoring the AwesomeWM .config folder I had, but it keeps erroring out. Even when I did fix all of the errors, it didn’t look the same.

While I’m still using the XFCE WM, I’ve decided to look for an alternative window manager to fit my requirements.

What Am I Looking For?

I’m mainly looking for a Dynamic Window Manager that will move windows into predefined work spaces. For example, terminal / VS Code in a coding workspace, DBeaver in a database workspace, and Slack / Thunderbird in a communications workspace. Something similar to what OSX does with their workspaces. I was able to accomplish this using AwesomeWM with Tyrannical.