Home Made Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Pre-pandemic, I would start my morning commute by stopping at a starbucks and grabbing an iced coffee, or cold brew. But since we’ve been stuck at home all this time, my SO and I gave adjusted our routine to making cold brew at home. Here’s my morning recipe.


Filtration step in my cold brew morning routine

The first step in the morning is to filter out the grounds from the cold brew. I’ve split this step into 2 to speed the filtration up.

I first pour the raw brew into a french press, press the grounds, and pour the first filtered coffee into the pour over. This filteres out the majority of the grounds, but the black sludge from the very fine grounds still make it through the french press.

I then pour the pressed coffee through a pour-over. This removes all of that sludge I mentioned, and produces a clean, smooth, coffee.

Frothed Creamer

Coffee filtered, ready to froth and assemble

If you look up “Milk Frother”, you’ll find a bunch of large, kettle-shaped mixers. Unless you’re making a lot, you dont need it. For a single cup, one of these battery-powered hand-held frothers for $5 did the trick.

Pour in a splash of creamer into a cup and froth for a few seconds. Depending on the type of creamer you have, it may double in volume. You dont need much.


Once you have everything ready to go, assembly is pretty easy. Pour your coffee in til ~3/4 of the way full, add ice, top with your frothed creamer.

And that’s my morning coffee. Enjoy!