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Day 220

Note to the reader: this post was originally written a while ago. ~220 days into the pandemic it has since been ported to this blog. I was just about to start writing a blog post about games that would be good to play with friends remotely, when I realized that the pandemic would be an…

Apple Pi

Over the past few weeks, I’ve accumulated 3 Raspberry Pi’s. The first (aptly named Raspberry) has taken over the primary function of my linux partition on my desktop – the home media server. The second (named Apple) has become an inbound / outbound networking endpoint with PiHole and sson-to-have-more features. My 3rd pi, named Blueverry…


When working on small scripts, or writing a document that I want converted to a different format, Ill sometimes use a program that will watch for file changes, and run a command for me automatically. Ill usually use this command to run the script to check its output, or have it convert the document so…

Blueberry pi

Now that I’ve finally picked up my first raspberry pi, I’ve already ordered 2 more lol. While I’m waiting for them to arrive, I figured I would start planning out the use of the network of pis that will be running at home. At the moment, I want 2 main features on the home net:…

Backup Reminder

This is a reminder to go and setup some form of automated backup solution. What would happen if your computer started having issues right now? Do you have a way to recover the files, and/or do you have the files saved on an external hard drive?